JOBO, the AI Auto Apply Bot!

Powered by AUTO-GPT and EmbedChain, JOBO enhances your CV, finds your ideal job, and applies for you, all in one go!

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Escape the Labyrinth of Job Hunts.

Step away from the maze. The old job application process is a relic. What if, instead, a potent AI did the grunt work for you? Using OpenAI's technology, we're reshaping the way you chase your dream job. It's not about another generic application. It's personalized, optimized, and geared for success. Imagine the hardest part of your job hunt being effortlessly managed by a tireless machine. That's our promise to you.

Your Resume, Supercharged.

Why fit in when your resume can stand out? Seamlessly integrated with your LinkedIn and CV, our system harnesses the power of OpenAI to present your professional journey in a way that's simply irresistible. It's not just a resume. It's your story, refined and tailored for the role you aspire to.

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Resume optimization visual graphic Folded icon Claws icon
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See Beyond Just Words on a Page.

Most resumes get a mere glance. But with our AI-driven insights, yours demands attention. From highlighting possible red flags like frequent job switches to showcasing your unmatched skillset, we ensure your CV doesn't just end up in the pile - it tops it.

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Not Just Another Job. The Right Job.

Forget scrolling through endless listings. Our system dives deep into your aspirations and qualifications, pairing you with roles that don't just match but elevate your career. It's like having a personal job concierge, only smarter.

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The Future? Automated and Tailored Applications.

Manual applications? That's yesterday's news. Let our AI shoulder the burden. Tailored to each opportunity, automated for efficiency, and dispatched with precision. All you need to do? Prepare for the interviews, because they're coming.

In a crowded marketplace, don't just search. Stand out. Dive into a new era of job hunting. Are you ready to rewrite the rules?

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Find a job, simplified in four steps.


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Step 4

Step 01

Sync, Don't Sweat

Just one click and your resume or LinkedIn profile is with us. Our AI dives deep, understanding the milestones of your journey. Let the technology value the hard work you've put in your career.


Steer Your Story

It's not just about a job, it's about the right job. Answer our crafted questions. Paint the picture of your ideal role. Let our AI be your compass, pointing to where your aspirations lie.


AI-Enhanced, Human Verified

Our AI crafts your resume, but you're the artist. Refine it, polish it. Make sure it tells your story. AI's precision with your personal touch? Unbeatable.


Sit Back, Watch the Magic

The tedious part of job-hunting? Not for you. Our AI is your tireless scout, seeking and applying for jobs while you prepare to impress in those interviews.

Job searching, reimagined. Ready to leap?


Find below all the frequent questions and answers about Jobo

Is there any limit on the number of applications?

Absolutely not! With Jobo, there are no constraints on the number of jobs you can apply to. Our advanced AI technology can tirelessly work to apply to countless jobs. In a world where your CV is perfectly tailored and unlimited jobs are available, Jobo could potentially apply to thousands of jobs for you.

Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

Yes, your satisfaction is our priority. If Jobo does not fulfill your expectations or doesn't work for you, we will provide a 100% refund. Our customer support is always available to address your concerns and provide assistance.

How often does Jobo update its job listings?

Jobo continuously updates its job listings to provide you with the most recent and relevant opportunities. Our AI system works around the clock, sifting through new job postings and updating the database regularly. This ensures you never miss out on any potential opportunities.

Can I use Jobo if I am looking for jobs in multiple industries?

Absolutely! Jobo's AI-powered system is capable of understanding and catering to diverse career goals. Whether you're looking for opportunities in one industry or multiple industries, Jobo can find and apply to jobs that match your specific requirements. Its smart job matching feature ensures that the jobs you're matched with align with your skills, experience, and career aspirations, regardless of the industry.

How can I see my daily results?

You can monitor your daily job application progress with ease. To see your daily job applications and emails sent, simply visit your overview tab on the Jobo platform. Additionally, you can check each job search result individually for more detailed insights.

Can you help me with my CV?

Absolutely! At Jobo, we leverage AI to provide an unparalleled level of support for your resume creation and optimization. Our system seamlessly syncs with your LinkedIn profile and uploaded CV, using this information to craft a highly personalized and optimized resume that is tailored to your targeted role.

What's more, Jobo's AI, powered by OpenAI embeddings and Auto GPT, doesn't just create an optimized resume. It also provides a robust scoring system that gives you valuable insights into how strong your resume is for your targeted job. The AI's intelligent flagging feature identifies any potential discrepancies or weaknesses that recruiters might notice, such as frequent job changes, missing certifications, or a skills mismatch. This enables you to make the necessary improvements to your resume, ensuring it stands out in the competitive job market and significantly increasing your chances of landing your dream job."

Remember, a well-optimized resume can make the difference between landing an interview or getting lost in a pile of applications. With Jobo, you're giving yourself the best chance of making it to the top of that pile.

How does Jobo use AI to improve my job search?

Jobo uses cutting-edge AI technology, including OpenAI embeddings and Auto GPT, to transform your job search experience. The AI analyzes your profile, optimizing your CV and tailoring job applications to match your unique skill set. It identifies potential discrepancies in your CV that might stand out to recruiters, and it provides smart job matching, filtering through millions of job listings to find those that align perfectly with your career goals. In essence, Jobo's AI does the heavy lifting in your job search, allowing you to focus on preparing for interviews.

Is my data safe with Jobo?

Yes, your data security is our top priority. Jobo uses advanced security measures to protect your personal information. We do not share your data with third parties without your consent. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us and used only to enhance your job search experience.

How does the automated job application process work?

With Jobo, the tedious task of manually applying for jobs becomes a thing of the past. Our AI system, powered by Auto GPT, automates this process by understanding your career goals and qualifications, then tailoring and sending applications on your behalf to the job listings that align with your profile. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your job search, like interview preparation.

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Our credit packages are designed to streamline your job application process and bring you one step closer to landing your dream job. With each credit translating into one automated job application, you control your job search destiny.

  • 30 Credits - Starter


    Essential credit to initiate your job hunt

    • 30 Automated job applications
  • 80 Credits - Professional


    Increased credits for seasoned job seekers

    • 80 Automated job applications
    • Guaranteed interview or money back
    • Access to premium resume templates
  • 200 Credits - Premier


    Ultimate bundle for serious job hunters

    • 200 Automated job applications
    • Three guaranteed interviews or money back
    • Access to premium resume templates
  • One Credit = One Automated Job Application
  • Non-Recurring Packages: Top Up As Needed